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About Us

Electric Bikes of the Future, Inspired by the Past

About - Bison Superbikes

With advanced degrees in Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Art, and decades of experience in R&D and product development, our team is as passionate about bikes, as they are about engineering quality products. 

Modular eBike - Mark II


This isn’t your dad’s mini bike from the 70’s.  This is a future bike.

Ride a Bison!

Committed to quality, designed to last.

Our Vision

Electric Bikes for All - With Style

The only electric bike that can be an electric scooter, a full on serious electric motorcycle, or somewhere in between, all with iOS integration and real time GPS tracking.  This IS the ultimate future bike.  Most “ebikes“ these days say something like “the Tesla of electric bikes”, but we were wondering, what is the level above that?  We think we found it...

You don’t have to be into motorcycles or bikes to appreciate this machine.  Maybe just a desire for fun, at a reasonable safety threshold...  approachable by all. 

We love the torque provided with electric motors, and generally more is better.  We are also fans of vintage motor bikes, clean designs, and solid engineering.  20” x 4” direct drive wheels (chain driven results in lose of power due to friction - direct drive is power and torque direct to the ground, plus, no chain to get your pants caught in or break), 160 mm disc brakes, large banana seat, steel frame, 1 or 2 48V 12Ah batteries (depending on model), GPS tracking, iOS app for nav, manual, service, how to, video recording, locating, you just can’t beat this thing. Everything we learned from the Mark 1, we put into the Mark 2, with less power but more refinement (less weight (~65 lbs total), same speed).  

Bikes are professionally ceramic coated, and will include (depending on model) P2P Bluetooth location trackers (utilizing Tile) on battery, and will also include GPS trackers on bike, utilizing Trak-4 GPS trackers (AT&T Network). GPS tracker is rechargeable, and should last 3-18 months depending on poll interval.  You will be able to see where your bike is via the mobile app, ping it (or find the battery), and map it’s history of movement, as well as setup geofences and movement alerts.   

The bikes can go up to 25 to 50 miles, depending on model.  And all bikes have keyed batteries, so you can walk away from your bike knowing it’s safe. Batteries are swapable, so if you are out and run out of juice, just pop in a spare and keep going.  You don’t have to pedal this bike, as it is a “noped”, just hit the throttle and hold on.  We think you will certainly like what we have created. Save the planet, ride a BISON!

*Please check with your local state DMV/laws for street legality or registration (This is a Motorized Scooter per Oklahoma law - 1000w Max Motor).

We are using a fairly common eBike battery, so that you can buy as many as you would like, and swap out on the go, as needed, extending your range, and allowing for easy replacement.  And at only a couple hundred dollars, they don’t break the bank when you need a back up.  The batteries have built in, as a feature, the ability to charge any USB device as well as power the bike. The frame is modular as well, so if you want a motor on the front wheel, it is a minimal controller change, (no frame change needed), or if you want a 3-5KW motor in the back wheel, to take the bike full electric motorcycle, the frame can handle it.  The idea is that the frame will last many iterations of tech, and you will still be riding. We are including Bluetooth tracking and cellular/gps tracking, built into the bikes. You can set geofences on bike ranges, get text alerts on movement, and add multiple devices to your account, making this perfect for delivery services or fleet tracking.

With hooks into the Tile app, Instagram, Video and Camera use (record your ride!), real time GPS, route mapping, altitude, speed, trip distance, integrated user manual, and access to servicing, we figured why not use the best bike computer, the iPhone in your pocket. We also added a “dark mode” feature, because who doesn’t love dark mode?  

Almost all parts are sourced readily and within the USA. We assemble in USA.


This product should not be used by persons without excellent vision, balance, coordination, reflex muscle and bone strength and good decision making capabilities. This product should not be used by minors without adult supervision. This product should not be used by persons unwilling or unable to take responsibility for their own actions. The buyer/user of this product assumes ALL RISKS & LIABILITIES associated with its use. To minimize these RISKS, the user must wear safety helmet, goggles, elbow & knee pads and appropriate footwear. Please obey and check local laws as applicable.